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The applications of the revolutionary product EonCoat are virtually limitless. It chemically bonds to steel, concrete or wood without emitting any hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or odors. This new protective ceramic coating with outstanding, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, fire retardant and waterproofing properties make it a promising product to use for a host of applications from extending the service life of tanks, machinery, steam pipes, and cement floors.

Concrete Corrosion Protection

Ideal for sealing concrete, EonCoat is a new technology that bonds chemically to the substrate and creates a dense ceramic barrier that's resistant to abrasion and corrosion. EonCoat has a coefficient of expansion very close to that of concrete allowing it to flex as the concrete expands and contracts.

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Steel Corrosion Protection

EonCoat is ideal for steel enduring flextural loads like bridges and other steel structural supports. EonCoat has more flexibility (or ductility) than is needed to handle the typical movements of steel - including flexing, expansion, and contraction.

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EonCoat’s ceramic coating technology developed by Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) to reinvents the way coatings are made and used. EonCoat consists of two, non-hazardous ingredients that do not interact until applied by a plural component spray gun like those commonly used to apply polyurethane foam or polyurea coatings. Since, the components are not mixed and do not meet prior to application, VOC-generating ingredients are eliminated.

EonCoat is made up of two non-hazardous ingredients that do not interact until applied by a plural component spray gun.

The material is a true ceramic, not a polymer with ceramic beads, delivering a corrosion-resistant coating suitable for use in the Industrial and Commercial sectors. Applications can range from coating a steam line for corrosion under insulation (CUI) protection at temperatures over 1250 °F to painting hotel and restaurant walls for a beautiful, tough, fireproof barrier. In third party testing, the coating has proven up to 10 times more abrasion resistant than most paints and epoxies. A chemical-resistant barrier for cement, steel, and wood substrates, it’s chemically stable and nearly insoluble, so it’s waterproof and acid resistant.

In contrast to paint polymer coatings that sit on top of the substrate, EonCoat bonds through a chemical reaction with the substrate. When coating steel a slight surface oxidation actually improves the reaction. This makes it virtually impossible for corrosion promoters like oxygen and humidity to get behind the coating.

For industrial and commercial applications needing to limit VOCs and HAPs to meet continuing stricter regulations, EonCoat is the solution. There are no fumes when applying EonCoat. Contractors can literally spray within 10 feet of someone working in an occupied space with no concern for odor.

A true ceramic shell covers the corrosion barrier, protecting against high-pressure power washing and steam cleaning. Food Facility Managers, for example, could convert interior spaces into sanitize-ready, wash-down areas because the coating can withstand water pressure of 4,500 psi/310 bar and steam at over 380 °F/193 °C.

Beyond environment and health regulations, the coating can help Facility and Plant Managers better protect their assets. The ceramic coating has a flame spread rating of zero, which means that a coated surface will not catch fire unless enough heat is generated to make the substrate behind the coating self-ignite.

Eon Coat’s one-coat application and minimal prep can save Facility Managers about half the cost of other coatings through reduced labor, reduced downtime and reduced maintenance. The coating typically costs less per gallon than the high-temperature paints or specialized epoxies it replaces. The ability to dry quick, chemically bond to the substrate and apply at temperatures from 40 ºF to 120 ºF, allow high build applications in one coat. These beneficial properties will help cut contract labor costs and expedite tight customer schedules in a host of applications at near freezing or near boiling temperatures, making it suitable for all-weather indoor and outdoor applications.

From chemical plants, paper mills, power plants, to steel mills and manufacturing plants EonCoat, a corrosion resistant coating that has no VOC’s and a zero flame spread, protects the machinery, piping, equipment and even the people, inside these industrial plants.

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Eon Coat Benefits

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