Premier Industrial Coatings

Heavy Equipment - Earth Movers

Heavy equipment and machinery are a costly capital investment for any business. Unfortunately, they must endure the roughest treatment of any painted surface, indoors and out. EonCoat minimizes the effects of corrosion and abrasion to improve the longevity of costly equipment.

Protect Your Capital Investment:

EonCoat will endure the abrasion, heat, flame, saltwater and weather, making EonCoat ideal for heavy equipment used indoors or out, and machinery exposed to environmental elements or high industrial heat. Because it can endure high heat and bonds chemically to steel, it can be used on the chassis, the engine, the exhaust, or any other metal part.

EonCoat is so protective, even the rough treatment, spills, and elements endured by shipping containers will not permeate the EonCoat surface.

Manufacturers Advantage: Increase Sales & Market Share

The manufacturers of heavy equipment and machinery know that durability and quality are critical to selling your products into the marketplace. Coating heavy equipment with EonCoat provides a tremendous sales advantage over the competition.

Sell the Most Durable Heavy Equipment on the Market

Using EonCoat allows manufacturers of heavy equipment and machinery to sell products already protected against corrosion, rust, and the elements found in industrial environments and nature.

Lower Costs on Coating and Hazardous Waste Disposal

Maintain Commitment to Sustainability

Manufacture and protect machinery and still comply with strictest environmental regulations because EonCoat contains no VOCs, and its production has a 90% lower carbon footprint than typical high performance coatings.