Premier Industrial Coatings

Heavy Equipment - Waste Management

Eoncoat protects typical metal equipment used in the waste management and disposal industry from corrosion as it forms a chemically bonded, non- corrosive alloy layer that withstands extreme environmental conditions and rough handling. Typical equipment includes dumpsters, trucks, vertical balers, crushers, compactors and containers used in the waste management, handling & disposal industry.

Environmentally conscious waste management and disposal companies appreciate how EonCoat meets State and Federal requirements without sacrificing quality and performance. EonCoat is an inorganic mixture without any of the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) typically found in other coatings. EonCoat contains no HAP’s, or hazardous air pollutants, and produces no hazardous waste, making it easy to meet all environmental requirements without sacrificing performance.

By having a life span that is many times that of other coatings the environmental impact of EonCoat is further reduced. Being VOC-free automatically makes EonCoat coatings LEED Compliant. Compared to average paints, EonCoat uses 1/10th the amount of carbon during the manufacturing process. The manufacture of EonCoat requires the creation of about 3 pounds of CO2 per gallon of paint, while other paints require about 30 pounds of CO2 per gallon. The EPA has recently classified CO2 as an air pollutant.

The EPA's Toxic Release Inventory for paints shows that 5.3 Million pounds of Chemicals are released to our environment in the US annually through paint usage. About 4 Million pounds go into our air. About 1.3 million pounds are discarded as waste with 146,000 tons of that waste classified as Hazardous Waste.

EonCoat provides corrosion, abrasion, impact and heat resistance while limiting toxic exposure to workers and the environment, making it the best coating choice for environmentally concerned individuals and companies.

Protect Your Capital Investment while Maintaining Commitment to Sustainability: