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Concrete Corrosion Protection

Ideal for sealing concrete, EonCoat is a new technology that bonds chemically to the substrate and creates a dense ceramic barrier that's resistant to abrasion and corrosion. EonCoat has a coefficient of expansion very close to that of concrete allowing it to flex as the concrete expands and contracts.

Safely Protects and Seals Concrete Structures such as:

Eon Coat will permanently stop water intrusion into the concrete eliminating corrosion of rebar and spalling concrete in freeze thaw areas. It is easy and cost effective to spray newly manufactured concrete items prior to shipping to high impact areas like construction sites and industrial plants. EonCoat can be applied to relatively new concrete even before it is fully cured, as long as one surface is left uncoated to allow a path out for the water remaining in the concrete.

EonCoat is safe for the environment and the applicators. It has no VOCs and does not create hazardous waste for disposal. For concrete and masonry, NACE 6 is sufficient for preparing the substrate. With minimal prep and one coat application, labor savings are significant. Learn more about the cost saving benefits of using EonCoat for infrastructure projects by contacting Premier Industrial Coatings.