Premier Industrial Coatings

Heavy Equipment

The protective properties of EonCoat make it the superior coating for many industries especially those in extreme environmental conditions such as moisture, salt spray, oxidation, ultra violet rays, or a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. Any industry that finds it necessary to recoat machinery year after year can use EonCoat as coating or a primer and significantly reduce time between coating cycles. EonCoat protects heavy equipment, plant and municipal infrastructure by reducing labor costs and downtime, and with a zero flame spread and NO VOC’s, it’s ideal for confined spaces, refineries, processing plants, commercial buildings or anyplace with limited ventilation where toxic coatings greatly reduce air quality. Eon coat allows coating jobs in occupied areas could get done in a single day or weekend, instead of taking several weekends waiting for multiple coats of primer.



Oil Field

EonCoat is inorganic and has no carbon chains it does not break down, therefore lasting longer than polymer coatings. EonCoat is a preferred specified coating for oil field equipment.

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Earth Movers

Heavy equipment and machinery are a costly capital investment for any business. Unfortunately, they must endure the roughest treatment of any painted surface, indoors and out. EonCoat minimizes the effects of corrosion and abrasion to improve the longevity of costly equipment.

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Waste Management

Environmentally conscious waste management and disposal companies appreciate how EonCoat meets State and Federal requirements without sacrificing quality and performance. EonCoat is an inorganic mixture without any of the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) typically found in other coatings.

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