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Steel Corrosion Protection

EonCoat ceramic coating is a water-based, two-part spray coating that forms a dense, protective ceramic in minutes. It provides corrosion resistant protection beyond what has been available in the market because unlike other coatings, EonCoat does not simply sit on top of the substrate. An exothermic reaction bonds EonCoat to the top layer of the steel surface, forming a non-corrosive alloy with a flexible protective ceramic layer. The chemical reaction actually pulls the iron out of the steel substrate to create the alloy. Actually having some flash rust present on the steel enhances the bond. A commercial blast NACE 3 is sufficient preparation to ensure a good chemical bond, whereas other coatings require a NACE 1 white metal blast to get a mechanical bond.

This impenetrable ductile (that is, flexible) coating can actually bend with coated steel. Unlike other brittle ceramics, EonCoat can flex with a metal substrate up to and beyond the point where steel actually deforms. This flexibility, combined with its protective qualities, makes EonCoat a revolutionary technological advancement in coatings.

EonCoat is ideal for steel enduring flextural loads like bridges and other steel structural supports. EonCoat has more flexibility (or ductility) than is needed to handle the typical movements of steel - including flexing, expansion, and contraction.

eoncoat flexOrdinary fired ceramics are brittle; they have less than 1% ductility. Various steels will demonstrate 7% to 38% ductility before failure and 1% before permanent deformation. Because steel can flex and ceramics can’t (until now), using a true ceramic coating on steel would not be practical. Previously, so called ceramic coatings for steel have just been polymer coatings filled with ceramic beads.

Independent tests done by Dwight Weldon of Weldon Labs (author of the book “Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings”), show that EonCoat sretches 19% prior to failure, more than enough to handle the ordinary movements of steel.

EonCoat coatings also have very good impact resistance and can take a significant blow without showing damage

This protective coating can withstand extreme industrial conditions. Performance includes, 19% flexibility, durable impact resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion protection, corrosion protection, 0% flame-spread fire retardant, waterproofing, and steam/high pressure wash-down protection.

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